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Penny is a one-of-a-kind counsellor and nutritionist! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity throughout all of her sessions. Penny's comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, caring nature and counselling skills makes her an exceptional heath professional. Penny was able to identify and comprehensively explain my health needs. She provided me with the skillset to manage my health independently and thanks to Penny I now have a positive relationship with food, more energy, feel overall happier and have minimised or eradicated the health concerns and issues I was having before. I couldn't recommend Penny more! - Sarah


I went to see Penny as I was concerned about my diet, as I knew that I typically ate the wrong foods and in the wrong quantity. Penny takes a holistic approach to nutrition, especially around lifestyle and our stress triggers. Penny helped me rebalance my diet and more importantly, my attitude to what I should and shouldn't be eating. To this day, I follow her nutritional advice. I highly recommend making a consultation to see Penny. - Donald

The presentation on Friday was great. It was very educational and everyone was liked it too. Thanks for amazing presentation. - Gamze

Penny has been an amazing help to my health. Her approach is pragmatic and practical. She helped me better understand my body and ways to improve my nutritional health with easy changes, things to look out for and great follow ups. I highly recommend Penny. - Emma

Penny Dillon has extensive knowledge as a nutritionist and counsellor. She has fantastic tools to help assist with weight loss as well as changing your mindset in doing so. The combination of her two areas of expertise work so well in achieving these goals. - Alex

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