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Penny is a highly experienced Sydney-based accredited Mental Health First Aid trainerwellbeing presenter and facilitator. She works with a variety of businesses and Employee Assistance Programs to facilitate wellbeing workshops, deliver wellbeing education and provide Mental Health First Aid training.

Penny is also an Australian Counselling Association Level 3 accredited counsellor and clinical nutritionist. She provides counselling and nutritional services to support emotional and physical wellness for people dealing with stress, anxiety symptoms, panic attacks, depression, work-life balance, parenting struggles, relationship issues, grief and emotional eating.

Call Penny on 0402092112

Mental Health First Aid trainer Penny Dillon

Online counselling sessions for adults, teens and children. No waiting lists

Online and face-to-face clinical nutrition consultations for adults & children

Corporate wellbeing presentations & workshops tailored to your organisation

Accredited mental health first aid training for your workplace - online & face-to-face 

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