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Getting vaccinated & want to boost your immune system?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Every system in your body – including your immune system – works better when supported by healthy-living strategies. And it makes sense that having a healthy immune system can help reduce any side-effects you may experience from a vaccine.

1. Do some regular moderate to vigorous exercise. Running around the block or some 80s jazzercize will do the trick.

2. Reduce your stress - as best you can during a pandemic!

3. Include as many whole foods as possible into your diet – especially orange and green vegetables. And of course drink lots of water.

4. Get enough sleep – particularly the night before a vaccination

5. Consider supplementing with:

  • a. Vitamin C – it's the jack of all trades for your immune system

  • b. Vitamin A for IgA support (be aware that Vitamin A isn’t recommended to people with certain health conditions or taking certain medications).

  • c. Zinc for both IgA & IgG support, and well as other immune functions

  • d. Vitamin D

  • e. Vitamin B – required for most biological processes

Want to chat to someone about boosting your immune system? Penny Dillon is a counsellor and nutritionist who's passionate about mood and food. Book an appointment.

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